Racebannon/Song Of Zarathustra Near And Far Vol. 2

Near And Far is a series of split EPs designed to expose an Indiana area artist alongside an out-of-state artist. For Vol. 2, they have decided to "expose” the band that loves to expose the virulent, basement decadent Olympian-speed masturbatory meth-metallic punk rock sounds of Bloomington Indiana's Racebannon. Although their contribution features different recordings of their Satan's Kickin yr Dick In album, the approach they take is a much more nihilistic one, pulling out the gamut of popcorn machine guitar noises and morbid self-attention-inside-your-head-noises, certainly propelled further by Fargo-born recording guru Jim Zespy. This EP also is a chance for the band to show their more concrete (if you will) and experimental side with their two part cacophony called "The Waltz of El Diablo.” On the flipside sort of speak, Minneapolis, MN's Song Of Zarathrustra are a more formal affair, a slightly mathy and abrasive Fugazi-like punk, with a voice that approaches castrado-dom, and these songs are like the musical accompaniment to the singer being taken to the vets to get the "deed” done. This EP is what the doctor prescribes for when you have one of those days where you want to die — it'll set you straight quickly. (Backroad)