The Raccoon Wedding Gather Gather Bones Rattle Rattle Truth

Proudly hailing from Brantford, ON, the Raccoon Wedding are bursting at the seams with heart. On Gather Gather Bones Rattle Rattle Truth, the quintet exhibit a humbly shambolic core draped in grand ambition. Their songs feel like they were created by a boisterous group on the edge of inebriation hammering out odes to life with unbridled enthusiasm, performing for an intimate bar as if it where a stadium. Imagine a less polished Bruce Peninsula or the Arcade Fire on a barn dance bender. Ragged group harmonies led by Tim Ford's intense, throaty howl drive a steam-powered wagon of overdriven guitar chords, honky-tonk piano and exploratory drum patterns, punctuated by timely trumpet blasts. The album has the strong, fiery stomp of country punk, but expands into moody, aggressive tangents that suggest the early post-rock of Modest Mouse as an influence. Intoxicating and contagious, the Raccoon Wedding are a joyously small city band with enough towering passion to take on the world. (The Ford Plant/Outside)