Rabid Rabbit Czarny Sen

Rabid RabbitCzarny Sen
Chicago, IL quartet Rabid Rabbit have chosen to bite off a fair bit with their sophomore effort; it isn't obvious by the end of the record whether or not it's more than they can chew. Featuring a mutated sludge/doom sound that sits very much within the parameters of the scene they're part of, Czarny Sen showcases something very multifaceted. For instance, "Suicide" features Coltrane-like sheets of sound, guitar noise layers that verge on power electronics and, of course, a clattering, cosmic-sized riff, not to mention strikingly melodic vocals that come across like a more subdued Kylesa, which are referenced with all due respect by the riffs, creating an admirable amount of thematic cohesiveness. The band run the risk of overkill with such inclusiveness, however, with certain songs passing the ten-minute mark, leaving the listener wondering if Rabid Rabbit are simply trying too hard to differentiate themselves within an already very innovative scene. (BloodLust!)