Rabbits Ready Relapse Debut Lower Forms

Rabbits Ready Relapse Debut <i>Lower Forms</i>
Considering they just released the heavy-as-hell Hide earlier this year, news of Portland act Rabbits releasing another album so soon suggests that the group's musical output just can't stop multiplying.

A post on the group's MySpace page explains that the punk sludge outfit has just wrapped up recording their new disc, titled Lower Forms. The album, their first for legendary metal label Relapse, was recorded at Type Foundry in Portland with Jeremy Romagna and Lauren Newman.

While in the past, the outfit, featuring ex-members of the VSS, Angel Hair and Pleasure Forever, released vinyl-only affairs, Lower Forms will also be presented digitally and on CD.

Though a tracklisting has yet to appear, considering the group's output so far, you can bet on Lower Forms being a coarsely sung affair that will have you gloomily banging your head all night.

"Rabbits' music meets somewhere in the crossroads of punk, sludge, and metal, using unwavering volume and intensity as their guides," the blog post reads.

Lower Forms will be released in North America February 15. Its international release date is set for February 28.