For an album on one of Canada’s brightest budding electronic labels, WXFDSWXC2 spends a lot of time rocking out. Granted, Ra (Raoul Sinier) is known for splicing beats that nod to the Twins and Pushers, incorporating the kinds of analog samples that Aphex has made great, if subtler, headway with. Tracks like "Gray Fox” mash up standard IDM beats with static wire crunches melding into whispers of computer speak to the tune of Kraftwerk perverted through plastic puzzle pieces. "Dr. Murkewerkdichliebe” brings in cigarette-stained soul singing for just one set of reps but it’s enough to make it stick to the top of your mouth like so much yummy peanut butter. Ra has no regard for traditional song structures, a technique that’s rampant in underground electronic circles, but one that he’s definitely mastered the nonchalance of. It’s always difficult to seem like you’re trying not to do something the way you’re trying to not do it but the way "Dr.” breaks down into the filthy, majestic "Platinum Dust,” dropping an ill classical era piano lick right on top of all the techno-madness — hot damn. The album isn’t flawless but the moments of inane repugnance generally introduce new levels of danceability. Check out the final quarter for down-tempo grooves. "Breeders Club” takes the slide, but not the splash, out of "Cannonball,” creating welcomed dissonance. (Sublight)