R. Kelly and Jay-Z Unfinished Business

It is commonly known that when Jay-Z and R. Kelly hooked up to put out their collaborative album, The Best of Both Worlds, the R’s child pornography charges led to Jay-Z’s hands-off stance on the project. It surprised many when the two decided to team up again and put out Unfinished Business, which was connected to a nationwide tour. Apparently, this business move was really not meant to be. The tour ended in a very public and extremely slanderous falling out. Currently, R. Kelly has a lawsuit pending against Jay for the losses suffered after being booted off the closing dates. Led by the single "Big Chips,” the album maintains a club pace from start to finish. Particularly stand out cuts are "Don’t Let Me Die,” which features a passionate testimonial from Kelly on his own personal and spiritual struggles and the remix for "The Return,” which features the buttery emcee stylings of Slick Rick. At the bottom of the point, it boils down to two very talented artists combining for an effort that is strong on the surface, but, all too often, lacks in heart. (Def Jam)