R. Kelly Found Not Guilty On All Charges

R. Kelly Found Not Guilty On All Charges
R. Kelly’s bizarre courtroom drama came to an end today as a Cook County jury found him not guilty on all 14 counts of child pornography charges, The King of R&B was heard muttering "Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus” as the verdicts came rolling in, the
[R. Kelly's attorney], in an attempt to suggest that Kelly’s head could have been superimposed onto somebody else’s body in the sex tape, asked [gal on witness stand] whether she had seen the Wayans brothers’ movie "Little Man.”

[Attorney] said, "They put the head of Marlon Wayans on a midget and it looked real, didn’t it?”

But, to widespead laughter, [gal on witness stand] replied, "Not really!”
(The Sun Times)

Still, it was debate over a mole on Kelly’s back that ultimately won the three-week trial. This is Kelly’s second alleged run-in with a minor after a reported marriage to Aaliyah, with whom he wrote "Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number,” when she was 15.

12 Play: Fourth Quarter, Kelly’s 14th album, will hit shelves this July.

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