R. Kelly "Share My Love"

R. Kelly 'Share My Love'
Prolific R&B eccentric R. Kelly has been experimenting with his sound the last little while, most notably on 2010's old-school soul-flavoured Love Letter, and the singer is flexing his comfort zone even more on his new disco-imbued tune "Share My Love."

The first single off his impending Write Me Back LP, which is scheduled for a May release, takes a trip to the '70s dance floors via the swirling string arrangements and its upbeat, "Copacabana"-esque pulse. While we've heard Kels go on some pretty hilarious rants in the past, he plays it pretty simple here. No drama, no midgets in the closet, just two people hanging out (without their clothes on, obviously) and having a good time.

It's kind of cheesy and over the top, but, hell, when isn't that the perfect description for an R. Kelly song?