Röyksopp Detail Instrumental Senior Album

Röyksopp Detail Instrumental <i>Senior</i> Album
Last month, Norwegian electro gurus Röyksopp revealed that their long-delayed Junior follow-up, Senior, was finally complete and would be seeing the light of day sometime this year. While we still don't have a proper North American release date, the likelihood of the album coming out is growing with a tracklisting and worldwide release date.

The nine-track album will be released on September 13 in the UK via Wall of Sound and in the rest of Europe via PIAS. According to a statement from the band on their website, Senior is an instrumental effort intended as "the introverted, dwelling and sometimes graceful counterpart" to Junior's melodic pop approach.

 Furthermore, the album is intended to be heard as a whole. "Each track is equally as important as its predecessor and successor," they continue. "We feel that none of the tracks should be regarded outside of this context, i.e., separated from the rest of the album. Quite a 'brave'/stupid thing to do in this day and age of iPods and cherrypicking, one might suggest. We couldn't agree more - hell that's even probably why we did it."

While you await the album's North American release, check out the tracklisting and a bizarre promotional video below.


 1. "... And the Forest Began to Sing"

2. "Tricky Two"

3. "The Alcoholic"

4. "Senior Living"

5. "The Drug"

6. "Forsaken Cowboy"

7. "The Fear"

8. "Coming Home"

9. "A Long, Long Way"