Quinteplus Quinteplus

Vampisoul continues to outflank its peers in reissued grooves, finding untapped veins of funkiness throughout South America. They’ve likely opened a Pandora’s box of crate digging, so much the better for us listeners and hopefully, the original artists. Quinteplus were an Argentine jazz-funk combo of the late ’60s and early ’70s. Cannonball Adderley’s band are an influence name-checked in the liner notes, and the first few tracks have an unfussy soul-jazz configuration, although featuring some adventurous changes that add an element of the unexpected. Tenor player Jorge Anders has a big, sometimes schmaltzy tone but the funk is always bubbling underneath, even with a drummer who occasionally loses the plot. This compilation’s later tracks are more about In A Silent Way-era Miles Davis, stretching and spacing out into longer explorations. These are far more original and frequently captivating. Quinteplus are a good choice to close out the night when all the dancing’s through. (Vampisoul)