Queens of the Stone Age 'Villains' (album stream)

Queens of the Stone Age 'Villains' (album stream)
If you received a Gordi LP in the mail earlier this month, you may have heard some of Queens of the Stone Age's Villains on that slab of wax. Thankfully, you don't have to wait for their new record any longer, as it's available to stream right now.

Arriving through Matador, the band's latest was produced by Mark Ronson and runs nine tracks in length. In our review of the disc, we called Villains "cool and calculated... sure to rub listeners who are anything but the wrong way."

Guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen recently spoke to Exclaim! about writing the record with Ronson behind the boards:

Even the stuff I normally wouldn't gravitate towards, like Bruno Mars, I noticed a real musicality there...I guess the second [Homme and Ronson] worked together on [Lady Gaga's Joanne], right away Josh knew that this was someone we could jive with. And when he told me that's someone he would like to record with, I was on board right away. I mean, the Queens, we do what we do… but it was nice to just be a band and have someone like Mark checking in and saying, 'Yeah, do that. Be who you are.'

Take in all of Villains in the player below, and read our Essential Guide to the work of Josh Homme here.