Queen Are Getting Their Own Edition of Monopoly

Watch an 18-minute (!) unboxing video from Brian May
Queen Are Getting Their Own Edition of Monopoly
Let's be honest — vinyl reissues are extremely played out at this point. You're not really a worthwhile band with meaningful merch unless you've got your own edition of Monopoly. It's really the ultimate "box set," and Queen are the next band to get in on the action.

Instead of buying up property, players will tour through "the amazing gig history of Queen." As an official writeup explains, "Tour the world with the band and buy gig locations and hit singles. Build staging blocks then upgrade to full productions and watch the rent come pouring in." Yes, Queen have somehow managed to make the game Monopoly even more confusing.

Queen's edition of Monopoly won't hit shelves until June 23, but the band's Brian May has unveiled it with an 18-minute-long unboxing video. That might seem like a painfully long video, but if you're a fan of Monopoly, you already possess an inhuman amount of patience.

Watch the big Monopoly reveal below.

Pre-order the 40th anniversary edition of Queen's News of the World via MusicVaultz.