The Quebec Redneck Bluegrass Project

Beer Garden, Yellowknife NWT, July 20

The Quebec Redneck Bluegrass ProjectBeer Garden, Yellowknife NWT, July 20
Photo: Randi Beers
The Quebec Redneck Bluegrass Project are such rebels they didn't even wait for the MC to introduce them before blasting straight into their first song, "Oh Yeah." They proceeded to show the crowd a good time on their own terms by only speaking French between songs. I don't speak French, and their monologues were fairly lengthy, so really they could have been telling us anything.

For instance, a person in the audience claimed one of their songs was about getting intimate with a chicken, and I'll have to take her word for it.

As their band name suggests, they play bluegrass and rock a redneck vibe with their mullets and their chain smoking. And they're good at what they do. As they went full force into a song called "Burma," a young man in the crowd who had previously been chilling at a picnic table suddenly started pounding the table, jumped up and ran into the crowd to dance. This sextet was the perfect group for a crowd just starting to get liquored up under the hot sun.
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