Quasi Dub Development Limousine to the Guillotine

Quasi Dub DevelopmentLimousine to the Guillotine
At a time when dub artists have suddenly found their work considered passé, despite the genre's ever-increasing influence, Quasi Dub Development double down on the vitality of the form. Rather than getting into buzz saw bass wobbles and razor-sharp drum programming, QDD let it hang loose. This project is dominated by relaxed and creative horn sections. "A Rudder Flu" sets the tone with a spiralling horn/echo combo, which informs the listener that it's going to be a mellow, ambient journey. Indeed, drums, while certainly present, aren't a huge factor in this music; it's all pillow-y, non-aggro bass (sometimes doubled on tuba) and horns. There is a stated influence of Sardinian sounds, which mixes in a different kind of island flavour. Random, Lee Perry-style percussion ping-pongs are a greater factor than militant drums. This excellent record is strongly reminiscent of the first couple of African Head Charge albums and will likely appeal to fans of classic dub experimentation than new disciples of its progeny. (Rump)