Quadrajets When the World’s On Fire

Any band that boasts three lead guitars is, not surprisingly, loud and nasty. Of course, when they also boast lead bass and lead drums you know that reverence isn’t exactly their long suit either. And while they may claim Skynyrd and Detroit as primary influences, I hear more of Seattle (Mudhoney, Tad) in their sound than anything else. In the end, it’s clamorous, rude and snotty; about as unsubtle as you can get, with fuzzed out guitars that are noisy and overdriven, and vocals that are of the cord-shredding type. Drummer J.R.R. Tokin claims Muppet tub-thumper Animal as an influence and there is a certain admirable similarity in their lack of restraint. And did you really expect restraint, subtlety or refinement when the lone cover tucked in amongst ten originals is a punishing and throbbing take on Blue Cheer’s “Second Time Around?” Didn’t think so. (Estrus)