QNC Duo Dynamic

Q Ball and Curt Cazal (QNC), members of the legendary JVC crew are back at it with Duo Dynamic and the title speaks for itself. It’s so refreshing to hear sick beats and dope lyrics-on the same album. Duo Dynamic is solid from start to finish with many standout tracks like "For Da’ Love” and "I Wish” featuring Kate Rogers of Rae & Christian and Aim. "Would You?” featuring Dubble D is an instant favourite, with Q and Curt talking about what the hell has happened to hip-hop. Heads will relate as they flip back and forth about driving around "laying in the cut” listening to KRS and Public Enemy. It’s cool to hear cats who were doing it back in the day reflect and compare to what rap is now; a lot of artists are putting out "conscious” joints just to be different but these guys are actually for real and this is real hip-hop. "Streets Don’ Run” featuring Dimes aka Big Rallo Black is all about the grittiness of life on the street and how it actually is — not the glammed-up commercial version that is pervading the airwaves these days. Curt throws down the simple old school beats mixed with new school flava for peeps like M.O.P, Camp Lo, Schinie and Aim to get down to. If you like your hip-hop served straight up — no tricks allowed, then cop this album. (Grand Central)