Q and Not U / From Fiction Club Rockit, Toronto ON - June 30, 2003

Toronto's next big thing in the unapologetically inaccessible mentally rearranging math rock category, From Fiction began things with an attention-insisting scream. Paradoxically tight sloppiness and an awe-inspiring sonic tact filled out the set. Ever-improving and always momentous, these boys bumped up the excitement gauge for the finally-in-Toronto Dischord dolls. Q and Not U broke out the harmelodica for the charming "Soft Pyramids," the leadoff track from the latest fan-pleasing disc, Different Damage. If you didn't love them already, the beautifully with-it tinkering guitar harmonics expressed with gorgeous clarity of sound alone would've won you over. Undulated nonsensical babble that has never sounded so beautiful, tempered by equally sweet and controlled shouting and guitar chugging that can rock out with the best, made up most of the evening's mainly current set list. Their purity could convince you to trust them with your first born, but their skills make you want to toss domesticity to the wind and live in sweaty DIY punk land forever. The assumed last few minutes were occupied by a brilliant all-out fuck America (and whoever you please), anti-SARS-phobia rant-along. But the expected encore found old fans happy to hear material from the No Kill, No Beep Beep album played live after years of anticipation and waiting. A tiny shirtless dance party even broke out on one of the balconies when the packed venue swelled upstairs. Sigh — Q and Not U still do it best.