Q-Unique Vengeance is Mine

True school Puerto Rican emcee Q-Unique of the Arsonists and Rock Steady crew hits hard with his solo album Vengeance Is Mine. With production flavours courtesy of Non-Phixion, Ill Bill, Necro, Ju Ju (Beatnuts) and Q-Unique himself, the beats are bangin' and the lyrics are deep and reflective of the struggles this rock steady emcee has persevered through and lived to rhyme about — just check out "The Resume" to be convinced of Q's credentials. "Diamond in the Ruff" and "One Shot" give a bit of a lyrical history on this emcee who delivers real hip hop. And just when you're about to think he’s just another aggressive rapper, he drops the fact that his greatest experience is watching the birth of his son. Vengeance is about life, death, politics, street life and getting what is rightfully deserved. Q carries this album himself, using guests (Ill Bill, Gortex, Necro, E-Dot and Swel 79) on only three tracks. Vengeance Is Mine is definitely about crew and family, but it's mainly about Q-Unique telling it like it is. (Uncle Howie)