Pusha T Promises 'My Name Is My Name' Will Be "the Purest Rap Album That's Gonna Come Out This Year"

Pusha T Promises 'My Name Is My Name' Will Be 'the Purest Rap Album That's Gonna Come Out This Year'
We recently learned G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam signee Pusha T would not be sticking to the July 16 due date for his anticipated My Name Is My Name, with the release now scheduled to come out sometime in August. And while he sounds hungrier than ever, after spending the better part of his career as one half of Clipse, embarking on a new journey as a solo artist has had its difficulties.

"I had to sort of retune some of my fans because they only wanted to hear me with my brother," Pusha T tells Exclaim! in a recent interview. "It's been sort of tough, but I think everyone's ready now."

After releasing his mixtape Wrath of Caine earlier this year, Pusha has satisfied his old fans, gained new ones, and treated every project as if he's still earning his spot in the game, including releasing free mixtapes.

"I'm gonna get money, that's gonna come, but I'd much rather just get the music out to the people," he explains.

As he prepares to release his first solo studio album, Pusha T exudes the confidence of a veteran and the hunger of a freshman, claiming proudly that "This is the purest rap album that's gonna come out this year. I feel like I harness the energy of the golden era of hip-hop with all of the new and current appeals."

Set to help produce My Name Is My Name are Pharrell, Hudson Mohawke, The-Dream and Swizz Beatz, and the album will feature guest verses from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, Future, 2 Chainz, Big Sean and Young Jeezy. Kanye West also executive produced the album, which T says was an easy process.

"The best part of [Kanye] being a part of this music is that you can just totally be yourself. Like, I'm talking about doing exactly what you wanna do, sound how you wanna sound, don't compromise that, and then let him build around that. He'll bring out some of the colours that the public may need to see."

So if there's one thing Pusha T wants his fans, old and new, to take away from My Name Is My Name, it's that "Pusha T is here to stand the test of time, and I'm gonna do it my way — uncompromised."
,br> With an unparalleled drive, a grasp on the current state of music and a fearless energy, he concludes, "I think I have it all. I think I should be crowned."

While My Name Is My Name is now again without a firm release date, you can check out the recently revealed "Who I Am" below.