Purrs The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of

One thing is for sure, Seattle-based combo the Purrs are persistent. After a string of EPs and piles of shows in their hometown over the last few years, they have taken it upon themselves to release their first full-length album as a 70-minute-plus opus without any support, even from an indie label. It might be a gamble, but after hearing the songs, you can see why they are so determined. With a sound hinting at both Galaxie 500 and the Brian Jonestown Massacre influences, the 13 tracks on the album are rooted in catchy, jangly guitar hooks, and steeped in just the right amount of reverb. There is a nice mix of both quiet and epic-sounding post-shoegazer rock here, and singer Jima has a hazy, laidback style that marries itself nicely to the rich textures of the music. There is a refreshing sense that the Purrs made no attempt to follow current trends for the sake of it. These guys know what they like, and they stick to it. There is a lot of material to chew on here, and although this might be too much for the casual observer, those even remotely interested in the psych-pop scene will definitely want to take a peek. (Independent)