Purling Hiss Pressing Vinyl Version of 'Paisley Montage'

Purling Hiss Pressing Vinyl Version of 'Paisley Montage'
Rumour has it that the bulk of fuzz-fried psych rockers Purling Hiss's limited cassette pressing of Paisley Montage shattered somewhere along Pennsylvania's Schuylkill Expressway after someone left the tapes on the roof of their tour van, so the band have lined up a vinyl repress care of Richie Records to make up for the loss.

A press release explains that the eight-song effort is made up of a bunch of aborted recording takes captured in "Philadelphia-area basements and men's rooms" between 2007 and 2011. Apparently, Mike Polizze's amps would blow each time he tried to record these "red-hot, fried and twisted garage/psych/punk blasts."

You can sample some of the smoky results in the trailer down below.

The vinyl version of Paisley Montage is being pressed up in a limited run of 500 copies, and it officially arrives October 2, that is unless someone accidentally smashes the records on the way home from the pressing plant.

Earlier this year, Purling Hiss delivered their fuzzy Drag City debut Water on Mars.

Paisley Montage:

1. Gitar Damage, Pt. 1
2. Gitar Damage, Pt. 2
3. Gitar Damage, Pt. 3
4. Paisley Dommage, Pt. 1
5. Paisley Dommage, Pt. 2
6. Paisley Dommage, Pt. 3
7. Paisley Dommage, Pt. 4
8. Paisley Dommage, Pt. 5