Purity Ring Announce Debut Seven-Inch for Transparent Records

Purity Ring Announce Debut Seven-Inch for Transparent Records
When he's not sweating up basements as a percussionist for explosive electronic quartet Gobble Gobble, Edmonton-based instrumentalist Corin Roddick works hard on the blissful electro pop of Purity Ring with former Gobble bandmate Megan James. The duo dropped their debut track "Ungirthed" back in January and made some serious waves in the blogosphere.

 Now, the track will get a much-deserved vinyl release via a seven-inch on venerable London imprint Transparent Records. As the label writes, "'Ungirthed' is one of the most immediate, insistent and joy-demanding songs we've heard all year and has rightly already been well-shared and lavished with no small praise for the seamless way its sublimely spooked club swagger bumps up against singer Megan James's gleeful pop incantations."

The UK-only release is expected to ship in late March or early April. If you want to get your hands on one, it would probably be smart to pre-order a copy here, as it's only a matter of time before Purity Ring completely blow up.

 "Ungirthed" can be streamed below. A new video for the song is expected shortly. The original clip was removed from Vimeo, presumably due to the amount of boobies involved.

Ungirthed by PURITY RING