The Purist "Jealousy" (ft. Danny Brown) (video)

The Purist 'Jealousy' (ft. Danny Brown) (video)
A month following the release of the Purist's recent Tr-Ill EP, the UK producer has let loose a '90s-style CGI video for the effort's opening Danny Brown collaboration, "Jealousy."

While featuring a few lush ocean scenes, the clip looks like its filled with sensually-geared outtakes from The Lawnmower Man, with computer rendered outlines of a naked woman shifting through space as Brown drops some extra-filthy verses on the pan flute-driven beat. Eventually the camera pans into the dude's recognizable mug, and unravels into a semi-subliminal tapestry of Burger King and He-Man stills.

You can see for yourself down below.