Pure Love "Handsome Devil's Club" (video)

Pure Love "Handsome Devil's Club" (video)
Frank Carter's post-Gallows project Pure Love haven't quite got the details on lock for their impending debut release, but the outfit have offered up a follow-up single to last April's "Bury My Bones," called "Handsome Devil's Club."

What's interesting about the vid isn't so much the song -- because, well, it's a pretty straight-forward pop rock number -- but Pure Love's group dynamic. The clip kicks off with Carter and Hope Conspiracy/Suicide File member Jimmy Carroll contemplating life and pounding beers from a rooftop before being beckoned to the stage to play with a couple of hired guns on bass and drums.

The rest of the vid bounces back and forth between performance shots, and photo shoots for Carter and Carroll. At the very least, let's hope the other two are on some sort of payroll.

As for the lyrics, Carter's groan-worthy lines play up a bad-boy angle, exclaiming, "Give me a good girl / The kind that wants to please / Give me a good girl / Down on her knees."

"Bury My Bones" had him admitting, "I'm so sick of singing about hate / It's never going to make a change," so dude's gone on to bro-rock blowjob fantasies. Truly game-changing stuff.

Pure Love's debut LP has yet to receive a title or a release date, but it's expected to drop sometime this fall through Mercury Records.