This unit previously gained some traction as Topanga, but they opted to ditch that Boy Meets World-inspired moniker after Disney announced a forthcoming spinoff. Luckily, Pup's eponymous debut is so good that it's guaranteed to eclipse anything they accomplished under their previous name. The Toronto, ON four-piece deliver their structurally intricate tunes with unhinged ferocity, the raw arrangements never deviating from the outfit's basic live setup of bass, pummelling drums and twin distorted guitars. The straightforward aesthetic helps highlight the group-shouted pop hooks, which are plentiful on 6/8 smasher "Guilt Trip" and the venomous "Reservoir." Elsewhere, "Mabu" careens between tropical licks and sugar-sweet melodies, "Dark Days" is brightly catchy and "Yukon" is a sprawling, stormy dirge. That Pup are able to so successfully embody these styles while still retaining their identity makes this a landmark debut from one of the country's most promising new acts. (Royal Mountain Records)