Punk 2011: 14 Best Albums

Punk 2011: 14 Best Albums
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1. Fucked Up
2. OFF!
3. Iceage
4. Bomb The Music Industry!
5. Junior Battles
6. B-Lines
7. Obits
8. The Wonder Years
9. Cloud Nothings
10. Polar Bear Club
11. Lemuria
12. The Brains
13. Crusades
14. Bridge and Tunnel

1. Fucked Up David Comes to Life (Matador)
Records of this scope don't show up very often. David Comes to Life is as adventurous musically as it is thematically, the kind of fully-realized creative monument that lets you comfortably produce nothing but increasingly dull versions of the same for the rest of your career and still be labelled geniuses. Here's hoping Fucked Up don't slide in that direction, but, seriously, who could blame them after pulling off this meta-masterpiece? It's entirely possible that most of the plot makes no sense, and that after listening to the story-concluding seven inch, Octavio Made the Bomb, you'll be left wondering how much of it was even intended to be taken seriously in the first place (sample lyric: "Hadn't made an album in almost three years / So we met at the mall to start moving the gears / Mike got a smoothie, I got some fries"). But David is bold and brilliant, a consummation of all the things that have made Fucked Up the most exciting punk band of the last decade. The brutality of '80s hardcore is still present, but it's balanced by an equal appreciation for the wild, the melodic, and the epic. And there's some narrative in there about love and bombs and left-wing politics, too, if you really want to dig into it.
Sam Sutherland