Psychotic Youth Stereoids

Don't confuse this crew with Untamed Youth, the Missouri surf punks. Stereoids blasts out of the blocks with an energising mix of punk, pop, metal, garage and psych entitled "Ain't Got No Dough," and never lets up. At times they recall garage/psych bands like the Seers, Chesterfield Kings and Lime Spiders. And at others you'd swear they were the perfect blend of the Raspberries and Motörhead. That latter amalgam makes it possible to tear through a monstrous rendition of Cheap Trick's "Surrender," which blows away Bun E. and the boys' version. They follow that up with an original, "Tonight," that sounds even more like CT. There are five live tracks at the end that up the raw-and-fast stakes even more, including a sublime version of the Plimsoul's "How Long Will It Take." Yummy. (Bomp)