Psychokinetics Sensory Descent

Ill Media, the DJ in Psychokinetics (along with Denizen), laces most of this album with upbeat party jams that will get the B-boys breakin', and occasionally crossbreeds the production with drum & bass. Outside producer Champagne Fadey assists on a couple and contributes a few of his own without breaking up the sound of the album. While Denizen and Ill Media provide the backdrop, Spidey and CelsiuSeven are left to devise the lyrics and concepts, most impressively with "Elementz," featuring MC Subverse and BAS 1 as the other two of the four elements. Portraying himself as air, BAS 1 starts off breezy and ends as a hurricane, not only killing the track but quite possibly the whole album. While Spidey and CelsiuSeven are alright as MCs, with their sci-fi influence and good flows, Sensory Descent stands out thanks to the production. Ill Media's mixing of cuts, drum & bass beats and a flipped Les Claypool bass sample for "On My Break" is a prime example, and a wonder to behold. Still, the album hits a few slow points with "Justalittlebit," "Grey" and the short "4U" interlude, while "Lost Carnival" could have been any number of Moka Only songs. Otherwise, Sensory Descent is an album that can get the party bumping and the underground show jumping. (Independent)