Psycho The Grind Years

Although The Grind Years compiles only a minute segment of work (1990 to 1994) that Boston-based gurus Psycho have been responsible for since forming in 1981, this release still boasts no less than 52 blinding tracks showcasing the band's shift from grind/punk to outright death/grind, massive stretch that it is. Naturally the sound quality ranges from passable to horrible basement tapes G.G. Allin would cringe at, but the overall attack is still powerful, guttural and fierce, with each successive tune becoming increasingly vicious and fiery until the end result is an all-out apocalypse. The band do rely a touch too heavily on tongue-in-cheek classic rock riffs though, resulting in something rather juvenile and more akin to the likes of Anal Cunt hilarity than the eerie prowess of their original heroes, such as Celtic Frost. Still, special mention goes to the band's S.O.D.-esque "The Ballad Of Jimi Hendrix" reference via a two second blast dubbed "Zeppelin Sucks," featuring a shot of their infamous "Living Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman)" riff. (Selfmadegod)