Psychic Pollution Tanz Für Dunklen Seelen (Dance for Dark Souls)

Psychic Pollution  Tanz Für Dunklen Seelen (Dance for Dark Souls)
The opening track Psychic Pollution's Tanz Für Dunklen Seelen (Dance for Dark Souls) starts with an inflexible metallic beat, which is eventually followed by a synthesizer passage of melody that is looped with mathematical precision. Welcome to the sounds of early German electronic music as clinically interpreted by Jzero Schuurman (Psychic Pollution). At the risk of sounding too fuzzy and human, it is beautiful in its starkness.
Schuurman not only captures the feel of early kosmiche, but also puts his own stamp on it by updating those cold and dispassionate sounds for the 21st century. He makes full use of modern technology to further distil the warmth and emotion, producing music that is even more brittle, detached and crystal clear.
In the 1970s, electronic music may have sounded futuristic, but that future is clear here. Tanz Für Dunklen Seelen reflects our modern digitized world filled with programmed emotions. There is a determination, for example, in the synthesized melodies of "Denkmuster Bewusstsein," as if we are being ordered to be contemplative. Free will is not in play.
The album draws our attention to the current state of our electronic world and its impact on our humanity. We are not a part of Schuurman's distillation process — we still have the emotional ability to admire what he is doing. And that's a beautiful thing. (Independent)