Psychedelic Horseshit Channel "Vibes of Disdain for the Music Scene" on New LP

Psychedelic Horseshit Channel "Vibes of Disdain for the Music Scene" on New LP
Columbus, OH-based fuzz lovers Psychedelic Horseshit have been burning bridges for years, lashing out against their label for botched pressings and publicly insulting Wavves, No Age and TV on the Radio. Still, songwriter Matt Whitehurst and drummer Ryan Jewell have continued cranking out new material and on May 10 will release Laced via FatCat.

This album find the band moving past shitgaze -- the noise-obsessed genre they previously coined. A press release describes the record like this: "Losing the caked-in distortion and aggression, while retaining a drugged density and adventurousness, it is cleaner and far more electronic than previous efforts." It was mostly recorded in Columbus in 2010, in a "variety of basements, practice spaces, living rooms, and bathrooms using almost no amplifiers and a beat-up '70s Teac reel-to-reel."

The percussion is frequently chopped up and looped, resulting in "a very fried, psychedelic dance record." The album also reportedly contains "huge blown-out swathes of blissfully reverberant FX, buried voices, smeared electronics, and melted-out guitar processing." Times New Viking's Beth Murphy makes a guest appearance on the track "Dead on Arrival" as well.

Laced is informed by Whitehurst's disdain for his musical peers. He said that the album contains "vibes of disdain for the music scene that's unfolded over the course of the last few years, and trying not to get crushed under waves of imposed identity in a sea of garbage." See the tracklist below.


1." Pufff Day"
2. "Time of Day"
3. "French Countryside"
4. "Laced"
5. "Tropical Vision"
6. "I Hate the Beach"
7. "Another Side"
8. "Revolution Wavers"
9. "Dead on Arrival"
10. "Automatic Writing"
11. "Making Out"