Pseudosix Pseudosix

"There’s nothing in this world that’s worthy of your murderous mind.” Pseudosix vocalist Tim Perry delivers this lyric on "Apathy and Excess” with an air of detached aloofness that doesn’t betray whether it’s an indictment or high praise. This sense of understated cool permeates the Portland band’s excellent sophomore record. Stylistically occupying a space somewhere between Songs: Ohia and the Sea and Cake, the album is criss-crossed with fluid guitar lines that connect the ample spaces in-between Perry’s words. And that’s the key to this record: what isn’t being played. The songs have room to leisurely breathe and unfurl, with harmonies and strings occasionally adding colour, forming clean, brittle melodies. At a time when countless lesser indie rock outfits jam as many layers into their songs as humanly possible, it’s a pleasure to encounter a band that exercise economy in their playing. Looks like being too cool for school fits Pseudosix to a tee. (Sonic Boom)