Psalm Zero Force My Hand

Psalm ZeroForce My Hand
Psalm Zero is the product of an unlikely musical union between guitarist Andrew Hock of black metal alchemists Castevet and bassist Charlie Looker of the recently defunct alt-rock project Extra Life. The first by-product of their collaboration is the eerie, electric single "Force My Hand," bundled together with a stunning reinterpretation of "Willpower" by venerable metallic noise-mongers Today is the Day. The two axemen have built a deep, textured foundation of synths, drum machine loops and other programmed sounds that veer from chilly and industrial to warm and fuzzy. Overtop, they've layered intricate, sometimes acerbic, always strange guitar explorations, complemented by Looker's sweet clean singing and Hock's snarling. "Willpower" may be the real triumph of this release, with its exquisitely plucked acoustic elements, medieval choral vocals and shiver-inducing, throbbing percussion. All bleeding heart and ghostly instinct, Psalm Zero is an experiment that is worth paying attention to. (Last Things)