PS I Love You "Get Over" (video)

PS I Love You 'Get Over' (video)
Ontario indie rockers PS I Love You might be in the middle of a massive tour, but that hasn't stopped the duo from delivering a new video. "Get Over" presents a pretty wild night, with the band living it up at a karaoke pot party that features crashed-out kids either making out or vomiting.

Of that last one, seriously, kids, if you think your drink tastes funny, don't keep drinking it, unless, of course, the concept of a barf-o-rama in the middle of the dance floor is right up your alley. Just try not to slip in upchuck. Another tip for singer Paul Saulnier: if you get puke on your glasses, for the love of god, don't clean them off on your jacket.

Regardless of the messy mixer, the snowball fight on the frozen pond afterwards looked like a lot of fun. Check out the clip below.