Prurient Lines Up 'Time's Arrow' EP

Prurient Lines Up 'Time's Arrow' EP
Though lately he's been busy as Wes Eisold's sideman in icy synth act Cold Cave, Dominick Fernow's been delivering frightening industrial soundscapes as Prurient since the late '90s. Earlier this year, he released Bermuda Drain, which we called a "weirdly appropriate entry point into the world of beautiful noise," and now he's gearing up for his second 2011 release, the Time's Arrow EP.

Hydra Head Records will release the EP on October 25 and, in a press release, explained that Time's Arrow finds Fernow "taking a bold step away from the sounds which drew attention his way in the formative years."

The title track, for instance, abandons the more extreme elements of noise music -- "harsh textures, screams washed in seas of static, clanging unidentified percussion" -- in favour of glistening synth melodies, dance beats and clean vocal tones.

Fans of Fernow shouldn't worry too much about the new face of Prurient, though. He hasn't entirely abandoned his scraping industrial blasts; instrumental number "Slavery in the Bahamas" is said to hone in on the furiousness of his past work, serving as "a reminder that no one can fully escape the past, no matter however continual the process of regeneration."

Time's Arrow will be released on CD, vinyl, casette and digitally. The vinyl is limited to 1,000 and will be pressed on purple, clear orange and black wax. The tape is being released in a micro-run of 400.

Time's Arrow:

1. "Time's Arrow"
2. "Time's Arrow" (Unsolved)
3. "Let's Make A Slave" (De-Shelled)
4. "Maskless Face"
5. "Slavery In The Bahamas" (Instrumental)