Prurient Black Vase

The new God of noise has reared his ugly head, and he goes by the name of Prurient. Imagine if all the filth and fury of Wolf Eyes and Whitehouse were condensed into one hate-filled and sex-oozing soul, then turned loose onto an unsuspecting public. This soul is the man Dominick Fernow, and he already has an arm’s-length of legacy following him about, from performing live sex acts on stage with his girlfriend, to destroying amps on a semi-regular basis. But rumours be damned: music doesn’t get much more intense and catastrophic than it does on Black Vase, Prurient’s tour de force of a double album for Load. Recorded in a single day, Black Vase moves from squealing and obliterating 15-minute pierce-fests like the opening "Roman Shower” through more drum-led rhythmic assaults such as the marching army of "Sorry Robin.” But the real treat is when Fernow unleashes his furiously distorted vocals, which are so violent they make slaughterhouses seem tame in comparison. At a time when noise’s relevancy has reached a fever peak of intensity, Madison, Wisconsin’s Prurient has come along and managed to raise the bar impossibly high. (Load)