Prophets of Rage Barred from Playing Inside Prison

Prophets of Rage Barred from Playing Inside Prison
Hip-hop/rock supergroup Prophets of Rage were blocked from playing a benefit show inside a California state prison last night (August 10), but the band managed to still stage the performance outside the correctional facility.

Prophets of Rage were to play for inmates at a prison in Norco, CA, in support of non-profit organization Jail Guitar Doors, a program that provides musical instruments to rehabilitate prisoners. The show was blocked by officials just ahead of showtime, but the band quickly took to Facebook to report that the show would go on outside the prison walls.

"We will not be silenced," they wrote. "We intend to keep our promise to the inmates by playing a show just OUTSIDE the barbed wire and blast the music loud enough so everyone in the county, behind bars or not, can hear it."

The statement continued:

We are pointing our speakers and our voices towards the Norco yard to bring 3200 men the music and hopefully in the process we can shine a light on the fact that many Americans, including inmates around the country, are not represented in our current government and this election cycle.

Prophets of Rage guitarist Tom Morello later said that the initial blockade was due to complaints made to the California Department of Corrections.

"We were denied at the last minute because apparently they got some calls from right-wing nuts in Sacramento who said they were going to foment rebellion," Morello told CBS, before clarifying the band's actual intent. "What we meant to do is come here to play a great show."

Jail Guitar Doors co-founder and MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer added of the situation: "They didn't want to see good things happen for what they consider to be bad people, when in truth, they're just people."

Prophets of Rage, which mixes together members of Rage Against the Machine with Public Enemy's Chuck D and DJ Lord, as well as Cypress Hill rapper B-Real, ultimately ended up playing outside of the prison walls, loud enough for inmates to hear. 

"We play for those on the lowest rungs of the ladder," Morello said. "We play for the underclass, those who do not have a presidential candidate who presents them."

You can watch a local news report about the show down below.

As previously reported, Prophets of Rage are heading out on tour later this month, with the act crossing over into Canada on August 20 for a performance at Toronto's Molson Canadian Amphitheatre and a August 30 stop in Quebec City at Centre Vidéotron. You'll find their show schedule over here.