Propagandhi's Chris Hannah Challenges NOFX's Fat Mike to "Meet Me in the Octagon"

Propagandhi's Chris Hannah Challenges NOFX's Fat Mike to 'Meet Me in the Octagon'
For punk fans, the feud between NOFX and Propagandhi is nothing new: in 2005, Propagandi wrote the scathing attack song "Rock for Sustainable Capitalism," and in 2006, NOFX responded with the equally venomous "The Marxist Brothers" and "One-Celled Creature." What makes the whole rivalry so confusing is that Propagandhi were once signed to Fat Wreck Chords, which is run by NOFX bassist Fat Mike.

Today (June 15), fictional Propagandhi member Glen Lambert (actually band founder Chris Hannah) posted a message on his band's website attacking NOFX's character Cokie the Clown (played by Fat Mike). Jokingly claiming copyright infringement, he challenged Cokie to a no-holds barred fight. The full message is below:

i was depressed and pathetic back in 2004. The band NOFX even wrote a (terrible) song about how depressed and pathetic i was. Then this fucking clown comes along out of nowhere 4 years later, acting all depressed and pathetic. Coincidence? Well, this town is only big enough for one depressing and pathetic clown, and that's me, Glen Lambert. So i'm issuing a public challenge to Cokie: meet me in the octagon. Three 1-minute rounds. No holds barred. The loser apologizes publicly for stealing the other guys gimmick and pays the winner a whole shitload of money. I'm serious about this. I've been taping cutlery together and doing arm-curls for the past 4 hours. I'm fucking ripped. Rich people interested in organizing this event please get in touch with my manager, Murray Moon. Oh, and heres a tip Cokie: real clowns don't wear make-up.

Seriously, at this point, we're not even sure if the band members themselves are sure whether this is a joke. What's surprising is that Lambert/Hannah made no mention of the recent controversy when Fat Mike served unknowing fans his own urine during a set at SXSW (an incident later revealed as a hoax in an extremely NSFW YouTube clip, as we reported).