Propagandhi Leave Smallman Records As Label Gets Set to Fold

Propagandhi Leave Smallman Records As Label Gets Set to Fold
Once again, Winnipeg's most notorious politically inclined punk rockers Propagandhi have lost their label.

In a foreboding message posted on their official site, the band have noted that Smallman Records will be closing its doors, which means there will be a potentially great lag between the group's latest record, 2009's Supporting Caste, and its follow-up.

No news is given on exactly when/why/how Smallman plans to proceed, but Propagandhi assure us they will forge ahead.

"Seems we have the Midas touch: we need a new record label (again)," the statement reads. "Smallman Records is calling it a day and moving on to real lives that don't involve unstoppable bangers at the top of their game (that's us, hosehead). So if there's any labels out there that aren't total cornholes but still know how put out a record properly, drop us a line. I said properly. We'll have a new record ready to record by the end of 2010, and judging from the seven tunes we have going so far, it's going to leave everything we've done in the past in the stinking dust. Yes, Virginia, even 'Ska Sucks.'"

In more positive Propagandhi news, the band will release their new Haiti benefit EP on April 6.