Promoters Arrested on Fraud Charges over Cancelled Metallica Gig in India

Promoters Arrested on Fraud Charges over Cancelled Metallica Gig in India
The plot has thickened over last week's cancelled Metallica gig in India, which sparked a riot, as four concert promoters have now been arrested on fraud charges. Last Friday (October 28), mayhem broke loose at Metallica's impending first gig in India at Gurgaon Stadium after concert organizers told a massive crowd that the show had been postponed over "technical difficulties," but it seems there was more at play than when the story first broke.

As previously mentioned, the show was to be rescheduled for October 29, but following reports that the damage incurred by fans, from broken barricades to sound equipment, totalled an estimated $200,000, the show was cancelled outright. Billboard now reports that Bangalore-based promotion company DNA Entertainment Networks has been criticized and accused of overselling the 30,000-capacity venue and for opening the gates hours later than intended. What's even more concerning is that the company also faces allegations of fraud.

DNA's operational chief Rajesh Chandwani and three other employees were arrested by Indian police, and authorities have asked for the company's bank account to be frozen. Meanwhile, founder/CEO T. Venkat Vardhan has been assisting in the ongoing investigation. DNA has also begun refunding tickets, which fans can learn about here.

As for the band, they regret the incident played out as such, issuing the following statement: "It is most regrettable that we were forced to take such measures. We were looking forward to meeting our fans and sharing our music live for the first time in India."

Despite the initial rough go of Metallica's trip, their other Indian show at Bangalore's Palace Grounds last night (October 30) is said to have gone smoothly.

In other news, Metallica's confusing Lou Reed team-up, Lulu, comes out in stores tomorrow (November 1).