Projektor Young Hearts Fail

Alternately dreamy and rockin’, Winnipeg’s Projektor show off their impressive musicianship on this, their carefully crafted sophomore release. The foursome’s radio-friendly guitar and lyric-driven alternative rock is unlikely to offend anyone, but Projektor do know how to throw a good hook and some melody ("The Getaway” is a particularly standout track). The aforementioned lyrics focus heavily on the well-worn territory of love and human relationships, however Projektor feel genuine as you listen to them wander through that well-worn land — and the impressive guitar work of Sean Stevens and Jeremy Gillespie adequately amplifies the moods and moodiness of the aforementioned lyrical content. Although the band does not bring anything particularly new to the style or to the Canadian alt-rock scene in general, it would not be unrealistic to say that they are most certainly alternative radio-bound, just like their similar-sounding contemporaries who paved the way before them. (Endearing)