Project Pitchfork Inferno

Moody and melodic, dark and danceable, Project Pitchfork continues to blaze trails with their brand of EBM. Strong vocals and synth stylings provide a mellifluous tone to this disc that sounds like it could be future pop’s slightly more mischievous twin. While the beats and tunes have the catchiness of a Covenant or Apoptygma Berzerk record, they never stray too far from their industrial roots. Strong, pounding rhythms hovering around the 125 BPM mark will keep the club-goers happy — it’s hard to keep from dancing to "The Cell” even in the confines of your own living room. Don’t let the slow intro song "Momentum” fool you into thinking this is neo-classical/orchestral record à la Bel Canto. This is just how they mix things up a bit. Through either the guitars in "Awakening” and "I Am” or the simplicity of "Souls in Ice,” each song offers something unique. Remaking the same songs over and over can be the swan song for acts of this genre, but these guys avoid that pitfall. At the end of it all, some electronic bands have it and others just go through the motions. Project Pitchfork fall into the former category with this release. (Metropolis)