Project Pitchfork Daimonion

This German duo's latest offers a few fairly typical dance-y numbers, providing the usual 120-ish bpm bill of fare. Thankfully, an interesting moment happens at track four, "Jupiter" - a ballad in a major key. A pleasant break in a chain of tunes that sound all too much like so many things I've heard a million times before. Next up, some very nice keyboard work on "We are One," which is sure to be appreciated by all synth-pop enthusiasts. More of the same on "Fear," a mostly instrumental, uplifting and partially, dare I say, Erasure-esque anthem of pure synth beauty - definitely the high point of the CD, for me. All in all, perhaps this release isn't quite wow material, but some decent songwriting, a few dance floor numbers and a few unexpected lighter moments pull it through. (Metropolis)