Project Pablo

I Want to Believe

Project PabloI Want to Believe
The Vancouver-based 1080p cassette imprint is quickly making a name for itself as a landing pad for slightly askew electronic sounds. This melodic yet ramshackle house record from Montreal-via-Vancouver producer Patrick Holland, also known as Project Pablo, is the perfect example of the label's slightly left-of-centre leanings. Rife with funky bass lines, deep percussion patterns and juicy melodies, the music found on I Want to Believe aims directly at the pleasure centre of the brain and the wiggle centre of the backside.
Billed as being at the forefront of Canada's house music revival, Project Pablo is certainly dropping groove-riddled tracks; the nine pieces here are perfect ear fodder for serious house fans and casual listeners alike. The seductive saxophone on "Movin' Out" and the warbling synths and vocal snippets of "The Fuss" may be traditional genre signifiers, but the intrigue is heightened when they're paired with Holland's more experimental sounds. Project Pablo is a definitely a name to watch in the months to come. (1080p)
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