Project: Failing Flesh A Beautiful Sickness

This latest project from Eric Forrest (E-Force, ex-Voivod) proves once and for all the man is a metal monster: from very Voivod-esque creepy thrash to experimenting with non-metal instruments and ideas, Project: Failing Flesh finds the now Virginia-based Forrest fleshing out what he did with his other two bands. Joined with E-Force guitarist Tim Gutierrez and producer Kevin 131, the three work together to create a din that will please fans of Forrest’s past work as well as slightly more industrial-tinged metal, albeit without the inherent redundancy of that genre. Oddly enough, it appears that this is a drum machine on the disc, although it sounds way more natural than a lot of the drum sounds on today’s metal recordings. Now and again this may feel like the local metal bar band, which is something Forrest’s voice has always carried with it, but this disc is nonetheless enjoyable from start to finish. Oh, and it’s some kind of concept album, but as always with that, it’s best to just nod your head and get back to the air guitar. (Candlelight)