Professional Music By Nightwalker In Shop We Build Electric Chairs

Nightwalker is the psych-rock brother of the Leapers project. While the Leapers record puffs through the pop, the Nightwalker collective inhales and holds it all in. There are some great moments: "Dogwood Grains" is an teeny Tobe Sprout ditty à la Bee Thousand (with a TV on in the background), "Amazed" is a classic Pollard grower, complete with a Trio cold-electric beat and acoustic power chords. "Trashed Canned Goods" is a fun and freaky guitar and bass jam and "Weird Rivers and Sapphire Sun" gets spiritual (or maybe a bit drunk). There are a few indulgent, wanky moments and even some awful incongruities meant for the GBVictims who would pay to hear Mr. Pollard clip his nails, but most of it fits. Combined, these records are an unofficial GBV full-length album. Just push random play and make your own collage of the two covers. Bob would understand. (Recordhead)