Professional Murder Music Professional Murder Music

I want to talk about band names. You pretty much know what a band like Morbid Angel is going to drop on your lap, and the same goes with Anal Blast, Carcass, Kool Moe Dee, Johnny Fritzmueller's Klezmer All Stars and Slix Toxic. PMM elicits images of fretboard dischord of the highest order - violent, pummelling drum work and a vocalist summoning his/her innermost demons via ululations reminiscent of a hyena being force fed Javex and rusty pennies while being raped. Unhinged musical mayhem is what is hinted at, so why is it we that are saddled with this limp-wristed pastiche of Ritalin-induced, grunge-tempered Nine Inch Nails B-sides? Destroy at your own risk. (Geffen)