Producers of U2's 'Spider-Man' Musical Hit with $1 Million Lawsuit

Producers of U2's 'Spider-Man' Musical Hit with $1 Million Lawsuit
U2's Spider-Man musical is turning into the headache that never ends for its creators. After lengthy delays, negative reviews and onstage injuries, the troubled Broadway production has now been hit with yet another snag: a $1 million lawsuit from former director Julie Taymor.

Taymor was Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark's original director, but she left the musical back in March after its previews were panned by the critics. Now, she's claiming that the show's producers, Michael Cohl and Jeremiah J. Harris, owe her money for unpaid royalties.

The BBC reports that Taymor is also claiming her creative rights were violated. She co-wrote the production's original book (which details the story), but this work was later revised -- reportedly without her consent and in violation of her contract.

As compensation, she apparently wants half of the profits from the original version of the production. She also wants all use of her name and image to be left out of an upcoming documentary about the musical's shaky start.

The producers are denying Taymor's claims and are saying that she was indeed paid.

But they can't be pleased about this latest development; after all, Spider-Man has been called the most expensive Broadway musical ever, so it probably needs all the money it can get.