Procon Kingmaker

Kingmaker is the second full-length release from Toronto duo Procon, a dark, futuristic time warp apparently punctuated by evil geniuses, party people, unicorns and robots. Yes, that's right, unicorns and robots. Having shared bills with the likes of Kill Hannah, Shiny Toy Guns and Mindless Self Indulgence, and appeared as part of CMW and CMJ in NYC, Count Feedback and Countess Christsmasher's unruly brand of electro, with a generous dose of boisterous rock, is a perfect fit for Toronto's ever-expanding experimental/electro dance rock scene. Kingmaker will make you get up and dance, and if not dance then at least react. It's like a swift boot to the face administered by a thousand angry robots, with Peaches as acting supervisor. There is no passive listening here. From the spastic horns, manic synths and repetitious shouts of "Geiger/Listen Up Bitches!" to the almost epic vocal interlude amongst the driving beat and frenzied glitches of "Kingmaker," the album leaves its mark with an undeniable urgency. The standout track nod goes to "Delia," a melodic, intergalactic shout out to Delia Derbyshire, one of the greatest innovators of electronic. (Ginchopolis)