Procedure Club Release Doomed Forever on Slumberland, Play Toronto, Montreal

Procedure Club Release <i>Doomed Forever</i> on Slumberland, Play Toronto, Montreal
Slumberland Records has been releasing albums for over 20 years, and over that time the label has developed a reputation as one of the world's preeminent twee and indie pop imprints. Now, Slumberland has unveiled its latest shoegaze-y gem: Procedure Club's debut album, Doomed Forever.

Procedure Club is a duo from New Haven, CT, who, according to the PR, first came together thanks a shared love for Black Tambourine, the Jesus and Mary Chain, and Bach (yes, the classical composer). They first gained the label's attention thanks to a well-received string of tapes and CD-Rs, which showcased the band's hazy guitar pop sound.

Doomed Forever came out earlier this week (June 22), and head over to Slumberland's website for a free download of the album tracks "Feel Sorry for Me" and "Rather." If you're familiar with other artists on the label's roster, such as the Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Crystal Stilts, these songs' fuzzy, blissed-out sound won't come as too much of a surprise.

What's a little more surprising is the album track "Nautical Song," which is currently streaming from the group's MySpace. Unlike the pop-friendly approach we're used to from the Slumberland crowd, this track begins with a minute and a half of pure, obliterating noise.

Procedure Club will be hitting the road for a handful of shows this summer, including dates in Montreal and Toronto. Check out the tour schedule at the bottom of this page, below the album tracklist.

Doomed Forever:

1. "Feel Sorry For Me"
2. "Vermont"
3. "Dead Bird"
4. "Artificial Light"
5. "Confined"
6. "Slut Fossil"
7. "Awfully Managed Pigeons"
8. "Nautical Song"
9. "Rather"
10. "Jupiter"
11. "Seventh Circle of Hell"

Tour dates:

6/26 New Haven, CT - Popeye's Garage
7/9 Washington DC - Velvet Lounge
7/10 Philadelphia, PA - JR's Bar
7/31 Boston, MA - Temple U (Weird Exorcism Festival)
8/4 Brooklyn, NY - Silent Barn
8/26 Montreal, QC - Casa del Popolo
8/28 Toronto, ON - Parts and Labour
9/12 Los Angeles, CA - The Echo (Part Time Punks)